September 23rd – Clear Lake Meet & Greet for Michael Kubosh



To RSVP call 713-861-1117 or email


Clear Lake Area – 2015 Non-partisan Mayoral Election Candidate Forum Update

Clear Lake Area Republicans PAC and Bay Area Association of Democratic Women teamed up to co-host the Clear Lake Area 2015 Non-partisan Mayoral Election Candidate Forum.

The event was held at the Bay Area Community Center located within Clear Lake Park (across the street from the lake), 5002 NASA Parkway, Seabrook, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm on September 17, 2015.

The Mayoral Candidates that participated in the forum answered both the questions submitted by our moderator as well as the questions submitted from local citizens that were in attendance.

The 1st hour (session) of the forum was streamed live by Fox 26 News Houston by KRIV.

A Straw Poll Election was held during the event and the results are as follows:


2015 Mayoral Candidates
Demetria Smith 0.0%
Ben Hall 20.2%
Victoria Lane 3.5%
Sylvester Turner 14.9%
Adrian Garcia 4.4%
Bill King 39.5%
Rafael Munoz 0.9%
Marty McVey 4.4%
Steve Costello 7.9%
Joe Ferreira 0.0%
Nquyen Thai Hoc 0.0%
Chris Bell 4.4%
Dales Steffes 0.0%

RPT SREC 3rd Quarter Meeting – Stream Live

If you are interested in the direction your Republican Party of Texas is heading, check out the live stream of the SREC Meeting today.
It’s archived for future viewing but it’s going to be very interesting and most likely, controversial. Be in the know.

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