Our Mission:

We believe that our nation was founded by the most intelligent and generous leaders in the history of the world who believed that God exists and that He, not a king or any other person or entity, gives the people the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We also believe that this nation is the most powerful, prosperous, influential, generous, and respected nation in history and that it came about because of God, our Founding Fathers and We The People.

Furthermore, we believe that President Ronald Reagan is one of the greatest leaders in history and we agree with his vision of America, as he eloquently stated in his 1988 State of the Union Address–that America should always be an America not only rich in opportunity for the individual but an America, too, of strong families and vibrant neighborhoods, an America whose divergent but harmonizing communities are a reflection of a deeper community of values – the value of work, of family, of religion – and of the love of freedom that God places in each of us and whose defense He has entrusted in a special way to this nation.

As an American, the future is up to you. Your vision, thought, and efforts can preserve the values we hold dear. You are blessed for being part of the greatest nation in history. If we want this nation to continue to be the best, we cannot continue to ignore the lessons of history, nor can we forget the fact that real change must begin with the American people, not the government or any other entity.

We, as Americans first and Republicans second, pledge to listen to our fellow citizens. The success of this great nation depends on We The People and a representative form of government.


Club Information

Political Advertisement Paid For By the Clear Lake Area Republicans, 1110 Appleford Dr. Seabrook, TX 77586

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